Monday, March 19, 2012

Union square

            The three districts that we have visited so far all have very different characteristics and qualities to them. Some of the districts that we have explored so far are the area around USF, golden gate park, Ocean beach and most recently the Market street area. It has been interesting to see the similarities and differences of each of these areas. Now that we have visited each of these districts it becomes easier to see how much just one street over can make in the atmosphere.
            Market Street and especially Union Square is a place that I spend a good amount of time at. I mostly got here to shop and eat; when I take a trip down to Union I stay in that area and do not wonder off. On this trip that we took this was the first time that I have seen was just down the other street from Union Square. On one street it is all high end stores and mostly people with money shopping and have a good time. Once you turn down just another street you will find a whole different world. The area is filled with run down old and beat up buildings. Also there are homeless people lining the street. The area is very different from Union Square; the signage here is directed toward a completely different audience. The signs is very run down and old many with broken with large wholes in them.
            It becomes easy to tell that the singe in each area is directed at s certain audience. The signage in the tenderloin district has sings that are directed towards the people that live there. They are more run down and not taken care of like that ones in Union Square. The people in this area are mostly poor or homeless. Some of the signage in this area is informational sings trying to prevent things, for example the spread of HIV.I was shocked to see this the area for my self the signage here was very run down and not anything like union Square which is just one simple turn away. There was a abundance of old hotels in the Tenderloin district. These hotels have become apart of the tenderloin district in how they would become a place for people to stay and live when they were out on their luck and need a place to stay.
            The signage in Union Square is directed at a completely different audience. The signage is mostly for high-end stores; these signs are flashy and bright. They are up kept nicely, with mostly the purpose for trying to get people to buy things. They are directed more toward the rich people who can afford to buy these things. it is amazing to see the difference, when you pay attention to the way the singe change drastically in from  just one street over.
            When comparing the three districts one image from each sticks out in my mind. The first image that I found significant would be all the directional sign around the USF campus. These are important to help people find their way. Another image would be the Maps in Golden Gate park these just like the signs around USfF help people not familiar with the area find there way around. Also the run down hotel signs fro the tenderloin district really stuck out to me. They are a part of the history in that area, which makes it what, it is today. All of these different districts each have some thing unique to offer. But in some ways they are alike how no matter where you go to is important to have directional signage to help inform people where to go and where to not go. The most interesting aspect is how one district blends in the next one. How you can be walking in the city and come across an huge change in the atmosphere by just turning down one street.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ocean beach

Ocean beach is more than just a simple tourist distention, it has a rich culture and back ground. This beach played an important role in helping get America back on its feet after the depression. Artist were employed to help create the beautiful art work that is seen in the beach chalet. What is now viewed as a tourist attraction, was once an important part of American history, in helping get out of the depression.
            This site is historically significant in many ways; one main way that it is significant is getting tourists to come. This amazing beach and building became a huge attraction for the city of San Francisco. Ocean beach become another reasons for people to come in to the city and spend money. This was exactly what the economy needed to that time, for the unemployed to become employed and also for people to spend money. This was a great way to attract people to come and visit who actually had the money to spend. Also by creating ocean beach and the beach chalet, there was a new need for transportation to this new cite. Build new transportation to this cite was a good way to boots the economy during this depression state.
            Another main reason that ocean beach and the beach chalet were important historically was how it employed artist. The fact that artist were being able to show case their great works was very significant. We can still go there today and look at these amazing pieces of art. They are like a view in to the past of the lifestyle and way the people of that time lived. This is very important that the artist of that time could be immortalized in this building. Some of these artist would never have been given this opportunity to get there work known if it was not for this WPA program.
            The WPA contributed greatly to the culture of San Francisco by funding a lot of new artwork. San Francisco was already known to be a beautiful city now it was also a place to come see beautiful and unique artwork. The WPA funded artwork like the murals at the beach chalet, are a representation of the culture at this time period. They give people an idea who comes to visit today what the rich lived like back then.
            The signage at Ocean beach created a sense of place by letting people know where they were. The sings indicted things like what direction to go in and also what times people can be on the beach. In the beach chalet the sing helped explain whom the artist was of the murals and what years they were create. Without out these signage systems which give the visitor information, so people could understand what they are looking at or where to go. I was very interested by all the murals sprawled out over the walls. I love how they made this whole building a giant work of art.
            Ocean beach and the beach chalet are very important to the history of San Francisco and its culture. It brought a new life of art to the city, which in turn brought a whole new group of tourist. This project was a great help in getting the city out of the depression and getting people back to work, and show casing some great artist.