Monday, February 27, 2012

goden gate park

Golden Gate Park
            This trip was my fist time ever-visiting golden gate park. I was amazed to find out how big the park actually was. Also to find out all the different museums and things the park has to offer. Before I visited Golden Gate Park I was expecting to see a lot of signage through out the area. I was very surprised to find, minimal amounts of signs thought out the park.
            Signage played an important role in the development of Golden Gate Park. The park does not have whole lot of big signs throughout it. I think this I a good thing to not over whelm the park with lots of signs. It is best to keep the naturally look to the park and not let it become to over run with signage. The signs do serve an important purpose for the park. They let you know when you are on park property. It is important to determine with signs when you are and are not on park property. The signs outline the length and shape of the park and helped determine what was public and what is privet. This is especially important for the public to be able to detriment.
            When comparing and contrasting the different signage systems of the museums it becomes easy to see how similar they are. The De Young and the academy of since have similar sign systems. They are both located closer together so it is important the signs are different colors so people do not get confused. The Academy of sciences sign has a bright red sign with a star symbol in the middle in decorating the museum sign. While the DE Young museum has a more dark colored signs. Both museums have similar signs; they both hang down on from poles on the street. the different colors make it easier for people visiting the park to figure out which on is which.
I was not expecting to see such minimal signage in the park. I think this is a good thing to keep the naturally look of the park. On the other hand the park does seem to need more maps, it was hard to find your way around the park. There were not enough maps so you just have to walk around until you find what you are looking for. It is important to provide people with the right amount of maps so they can properly find where they are going.
The most influence park of singe that I will take away from visiting Golden Gate Park was the beauty of the nature. Another part of singe that I will take way with me is all the memorials and statues in the park. I did not know that they had so many through out the park. It was very interesting to see all the people who help create the park and also did great things for the city.
I had a good time exploring Golden Gate Park. Now I have a new way of looking at the signage and how it can determine public or privet space. Also It is a priority to not over run the park with too may signs, but also to have a good balance so people who have never been to Golden Gate Park can fine their way around.

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