Monday, February 6, 2012

thought paper 2

            When looking at the signs around the USF campus one that stood out the most to me was the picture I took on the street of the store signs. Out of the many pictures that I took that day this one stood out the most to me. The group of sign and the way that they are positioned can make a difference to the way people feel about them. What really struck me was how all of these signs are so close together but each saying something different.
The sing is communicating to the people to show them that this is where the store is located. Another thing that it is communicating is what items which are sold in that store. One reads Fulton food shop, then one right next to it reads liquor and chilled wine. I think these signs are direct to commutate to people what is sold in the stores, so they will know to come in. without out having this sign I believe that less people would come in because they would have a harder time knowing it even exists.
            The sings communicate to the people that this is a place that sells food and liquor. This communicates a place to quickly grad some items. These signs are important in creating a sense of place. They help show where the store is located and what items it carries .By putting all of the signs so close together creates an interesting view. They are all on top of each other; your eye goes right from one to the next.
            The sings appear to be on the older side and this helps create part of the atmosphere of the store. By having an older sign out side it can appear to maybe less nice of a place opposed to having a brand new bright sign. Having them be all right on top of each other creates a interesting look and really draw people attention to the store. These signs serve an important purpose of getting people to come check out the store and showing them exactly the things that they carry.

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