Tuesday, April 3, 2012


            This week we visited the mission, Castro and lower Haight district. After visiting these districts we are able to compare and contrast them. Also to see how, just one block can make a big difference in the atmosphere of the area. We have visited a good number of different districts and it is becoming easier to see how each ones signage is geared towards a specific audience. Some districts hare very similar to each other while other are complete opposites, even though they happen to be in close distance to each other.
            Each of the three districts has a different audience it is trying to reach and gain the attention of .the Castro district has a main audience of gay and lesbian, because that is part of the majority of people who live there. A lot of the building in this area are very old and have a lot of historical significances and meaning to them. One image that I would choose from this area is the image of Castro Theater. This is a prominent landmark in the area and has become a historical sight. A lot of the sights in the area have a significant part in the fight for gay rights and equality. These buildings have very important meaning to the people who live there. The main audience of the Castro district is aimed toward the large gay and lesbian population and their triumphs to gain equality.
Another district we visited is the part of lower haight. Lower haight has a lot of small cafes and clubs or bars in this area. Even thought this area is named lower Haight it differs from upper Haight h by having less shopping and the houses and there are less decorated then that of upper Haight. One image that stands out form this area is that of all the mauls along the walls. The audience for signage in this district would be toward the more lower class people. This area can have some not as nice parts that make up the lower Haight. So the signage would be for them and also the homeless people living there. Also another group of people that the signage is directed to here is for the tourist to provide them with the proper information.
The last district that we visited was the Mission district .the mission district is located in such a spot that it becomes insulated from the fog and the wind make it appear to be warmer than other pats of the city. It has a rich culture with many murals along the walls. The mission has a lot of nightlife with many bars and clubs along the streets. Recently a lot of younger people have moved in to this area and the transformation has begun. This was one know as a bad area so the housing prices were cheep, now the housing prices are rising. The population here is filled with a lot of artsy young people. One image that stands out to me is the women’s building. The women’s building is covered in beautiful mauls. This building is something that really defines this area and shows who the singed is directed towards. The signage in this area is direct toward both the new young people living there and the poor people who have been living there for years.
             After taking the time to investigate all three of these different districts it is interesting to see the similarity and differences in them. They all have a rich culture and pride that seems to define them. Each of the districts has a building that has a great historical significants that makes it so important. Each of the districts has a signage system that is directed towards the people who live there to try and get the message across to them. Even though they are all very different they each same the same quality of having a rich culture, that defines them.

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