Thursday, April 12, 2012

north beach

            On this trip we visited the district of North Breach and the surrounding areas. This was my first time to be able to explore this area. This area of San Francisco is full of many different cultures all close together. By having all the cultures so close together, it becomes easy for people to have really diverse San Francisco really is. The signage here is some new signs and some old. The signage In North Beach helps tell the part of its history.
            North beach is made up of very interesting parts that come together to make up north Beach. This area encompasses little Italy and also has the famous Coit tower. When walking though little Italy you almost feel as if you as actually in Europe the streets are lined with little cafes and people are eating outside. The atmosphere of this area is very laid back, it can be a great way to get way fro the day. The Coit tower is just up the hill; Coit tower is famous and part of San Francisco history. In the tower there are the murals lining the wall. These are the same type of murals from the public work program that wee in Ocean Beach. This spot is a huge tourist attraction; a lot of popular come there for the beautiful view of the city. Once you get to the top of the hill it is hard not to be amazed by how beautiful the view of the city is .I really enjoyed being able to see part of the city in a new way.
            The signage used in North beach is older and has historical significants to it. In little Italy with all the cafes lining the streets it is easy to see how the sings would be older. Some of the cafes have been there for many years and their original sign has become part of their business. Usually these signs are on the smaller side instead of being big and flashy. By having the signs of this area be less new it adds to the character, helping people feel like they are really in Italy. Also the signs that lead visitors to Coit tower are important. They help lead the people and show them the right direction to go in, With out these signs informing people where to go, no one would know how to get there.
            I really enjoyed this trip to North Beach. I found it be a very interesting place with a lot of different things to do there. I plan on going back to explore this area more. I liked looking at the older signs in the area; they have more character to them than a brand new sign. All the different types of signage here is a big part of what makes this district what it is. With out all the old signs of the cafes and stores this area would lose some of its charm .So the signage plays a role in defining a place. North Beach is so close to districts like Chinatown yet it is so different. This is the reason the city of San Francisco is so interesting city to explore.

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