Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Evaluation of!

1, Content: USF has the strength of being well known so more people will be drawn to reading their things.  They post content from students so this gives an interactive element to their postings. People will be more interested to read things that students are saying then things straight from the university. They also have the strength of posting about events, so this will draw more people in to read. Some of the weakness of USF are when they do post about events that are happening on campus, this is really only interesting to the students. If you have not gone to USF then you might not think some of their topics are interesting. Another weakness is when they just post a photo some people might want to read more of a story and have a background to what it is about. Posting stories about San Francisco is strength for them because people from all over will find those interesting.
What draws me in to a story would have to be the picture. If the picture draws my attention then I will be more likely to click on the link and read the rest of the story. 
Pretty pictures of the city or campus are what I look at the most and want to know more about. What turns me off to a story is something about an event on campus. That is something that I don’t care about as much so as soon as I see one I more on. Another thing that are turns off is something serious, light stories are easier to read.
The value that is added by the insights from the creator is important because it makes the difference whether you click the link or not. If the description is good then the likely hood of someone reading more is higher. The descriptions cannot be too long or else no one will read them.
Form- Some of the benefits are how you can see many stories all at once. So it is easy to scroll and find one that interests you to read. It is easy to click on links and read other stories. The pictures come off looking nice, which is important.  Some of the draw backs are being able to see so many stores at once makes it easy for you to pass something up. As a reading this can get over whelming when there is so much at once. Another draw back is just how important the picture is because of the picture is not good then no one will care about the story.

Reflection- USF does a good job of using scoop it to promote the school while showing events on campus.  Scoop it is a good place to draw in people who are interested in USF. They have a good balance of posting about the school and the city, to attracted readers. USF seems to be using this platform to promote the school and make it look good. This appears to be working in that the scoop it profiles make USF look good.

2, Content- Candice Novak has the strength of being connected to USF, so she gets more readers that way. There are separate sections for just USF and one for Alumni also one for USF in the news. This makes it easier for people to get what they want when reading about USF. One weakness is if someone does not care about USF then this will not appeal to him or her.
Form- I think the scoop it platform works well when trying to connect with people like alumni or students. This is an easy place for them to go to see what is happening at USF. This also works when trying to promote the university to get more people to come.
Reelection –Scoop it can work if enough people are reading it and paying attention to the articles that are posted there. I think it is good place for people to find out more information about USF and what is happening. I think it works well by having many stores at once so people can get a good sense of what it going at USF.

As a Curator
After creating my own content to scoop it, I feel that it is not my favorite platform.  It is not as easy to share articles on scoop it compared to other platforms. I feel not as many people use scoop it so it is hard to gain followers. I think scoop it could be a good networking tool and used for business but as for personal use I would not decide to use it. After posing some articles I have realized that I do not like the way the site is set up. how you have to click on each topic to see the articles inside is not something I like.

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