Thursday, April 3, 2014

Evaluation of Storify

Storify and scoopit both use different ways to tell a story. Scoopit lets users post links from other places in to topics that you have created. While you can create your own content most of the things posted are from other places with insight added by the user. This can be a good format if you want to organize content from many different websites in to one place. With scoopit you can get a better feel for the interests of a person by looking at their topics. This is telling people the story of who you are as a person and what you are interested in. I liked how easy it is to get a feel for what a person is interested in.

With storify you can tell any kind of story that you want. It is very easy to add content from other places in to your story. people do not have to go click links to other websites. I liked how easy it is to add content from other places so people do not have to click on links it is all right there for them.
Scoopit has effective aspects when saving articles for later. It is easy to have all your things in one spot and organize them. Scoopit lets you see others topics without all the mess of having to scroll though many at once. Some things that are not effective are finding other peoples content and reading it. You only follow a topic of someone and not the person so this could be a problem for some people who want to follow a person. There is also the problem of having to pay to get more topics; this might turn off some people.

Storify has the effective qualities of being easy to use and connect with many other sites. I really liked how easy it was to add content in from other places. Also to have this content be right in the story instead of having someone click on a link to another site. Some of the set backs are that I have not seen many stories from storify around the Internet, so I do not know how wide their user base is. Another set back is not having some sites linked to it, so they are not as easy to add content from.
Some elements that drew me in to stroify were how easy it is to post from other sites. This makes more of a dynamic story that is not seen on many other sites. I was drawn to how many different aspects can go in to one post making the story more interactive.

What drew me in to scoopit was how you can create your own topics and decide what goes in to them. This power to create what you want and organize them is appealing. Another thing that draws me in is seeing other people’s topics and what they think is important and interesting.
I was more drawn in to the stories on storify because I felt they are more dynamic. The stories are also more interactive and interesting because everything is all within one post.
I think the photography comes off well on scoopit and the images look nice. This is a good way to show pictures within different topics.

Scoopit is more about other people’s stories and what they have to say. While storify is more about your own personal story and what you have to say. Each has their purpose and people can be use them in different ways. Scoopit is good for finding stories on the Internet while story is good for creating your own story.

Platform wise storify is easy to use and has a professional feel to it. It looks nice and was easy to learn how to use the first time I posted a story. Scoopit is easy to use and has a nice look to it. Scoopit limits you to the amount of topics, so you have to choose the two most important things to you unless you want to pay.

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