Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After using all three of the blogging platforms I found the easiest one to use is blogger. The lay out is more simple then wordpress and tumbler, making it easier to navigate. I found blogger to be the best place to write long form post, while tumbler is better for more short posts. Wordpress is also good for longer stories but I found the options to be more confusing. I feel that each has good options that will appeals to different people, for me I feel that most comfortable on blogger. Wordpress and blogger allow for the most use of options and are the easiest to use.

The lay out and design that appeal to me the most is that of blogger. I feel that blogger has a somewhat simple lay out but is nice looking enough to have a professions feel. I like this lay out because I feel that it is easy to understand and use, this is why it appeals to me. You have the options to make blogger look nice and more professional. Blogger has the ability to be viewed by the most people; I come across blogger blogs on a regular basis. I do not see as many blogs from wordpress, while many are on tumbler this is not as a good setting for long form stories. This is why I am I am drawn to blogger because it has the opportunity for more people to see it.

I have been using blogger longer than wordpress or tumble so this is possibly why I am drawn to it as of right now. Posting content on blogger is something I find easy to do and I like the look. wordpress does have a professional look also but I feel it is seen less.  After some more time of exploring these other sites my opinion could change about which one I think is the best. I plan on trying each site and exploring the options more to see which one I feel the most comfortable on.

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