Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My parents

My parents met in college and have been married now for 35 years. This is the story of how they fell in love and eventually got to where they are today. A lot has happened over all these years while a lot had stayed the same. I wanted to share a little bit about their lives because I think they are great …but I may have a bias being their daughter and all.

 Mary and John each went to an event that was held at Le Moyne College in upstate New York. This is where they were both studying and had not met each other prior to this. Mary was from up state New York while John was from New Jersey.

They were both 21 years old at the time and in their junior year of school. Le Moyne is a small college with only a little over 2,000 students who go there. The event they were attending was a dinner held on campus and they just happened to have mutual friends and sit next to each other.

Mary was the more out going one while john was shy, so she had to do all the taking to get the conversation started. They really hit it off at the dinner and had a great time talking to each other. After talking and meeting for the first time at the dinner they began to hang out more with their friends.
As they become better and better friends they started to fall for each other. Over the last year of college they got closer and closer and better friends. Towards the end of their senior year my dad proposed to my mom. They were married the august after they graduated in 1978 at 22.

John had plans to attend law school at Rutgers University in New Jersey. So they made the move to New Jersey, little did Mary know that she would be spending the next 35 years there.
While they were getting on their feet they lived in not so great areas and made they best of what they had while John was in law school. After grading law school they moved to south jersey.

 After a few more years of getting on their feet they bought their first house.  This is the house they would spend the next 28 years in and raise three kids in.

Over the next few years they had their first son john at the age of 28. Two years later they had their second son Michael and then five years later their daughter Maria. 

Mary had dedicated her life to her children, staying home to take care of them. While John has been a lawyer for the past 30 years ,running his own practice specializing in personal injury. John also became a judge and is still doing both as of today. While they are still live in New Jersey in the same house. They plan to move to California in the coming years to join their two children. John who lives in LA and Maria who lives in San Francisco.
 A lot has changed over all these years but a lot has stayed the same also.


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